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It is my honor to speak to you today about a topic that is of the utmost importance, having the talk of a lifetime. I know what you must be thinking – I don’t like to think about funerals or talk about funerals; I’m not ready to plan a funeral.

I understand that, I really do.

However, as a funeral director, I have seen so many people gone before their time, suddenly and without warning. Their families are often left with unanswered questions and regrets about the conversations they never had with their loved one.

That’s why I am going to approach end-of-life planning  from a different perspective – that of the life story.

A funeral, memorial service or whatever kind of event or service you have to honor your loved one should be personal, unique and meaningful.

The foundation for meaningful memorialization are life stories.

That’s why Have the Talk of a Lifetime  is so important. It’s about sitting down and simply talking with your loved ones about life and the things that really matter.